There are several ways you can help:


Many of Iolanthe’s Kids’ families are not only facing the battle for their child’s life (as if having a child battling for their life isn’t enough!), many are under extreme financial duress for lots of reasons, including: medical expenses, extremely high insurance deductibles (which reset every year, and the child does not get the necessary medications or treatments until paid — for some parents coming up with $1,500USD or more is an added hardship). Some¬†are forced into extremely tight financial situations for general expenses (some have to quit their jobs to be home for their child), for some it is because they have to travel great distances every week to get their children to treatment (some end up having to stay in hotels to be near their children); those are just a few¬†examples. The list of struggles these families face, for some, sadly, is long, but the load can be lightened if we all pull together as a community and chip in to help. Each family’s story is unique and their challenges and hardships are constant — money shouldn’t be an issue during this incredibly difficult time. Your donation can help ease this burden tremendously. Many families have GoFundMe or YouCaring donation sites set up by concerned friends and family linked on their Facebook pages.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to click around and get involved.
Your donation *will* make a difference.

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There are several ways to contribute to our goodybox project.

KNITTING/SPINNING: If you’re in the Olympic Peninsula area and would like to volunteer your time or talent at the ranch, please drop me a line.

TOYS / POSTAGE: You can follow this link to pick out toys for the kids; or, if you would like to replenish our Goodybox Postage Fund (thank you! we are currently spending ~$1,200/year in postage alone), we gratefully accept donations via paypal. If you are an artist and would like to create special gifts for our kids, please get in touch. All donations are gratefully recorded on our Gratitude page, here.

DISCLAIMER: Iolanthe is *not* a registered 501(c)(3) corporation, so know that while your gift is NOT tax deductible, all are gratefully accepted.

Please get in touch.