Each one of Iolanthe’s Kids receives a You Are Beautiful sticker because Iolanthe’s Kids are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL KIDS on the planet. Admittedly I’m a little biased 😉 :

When The Goodybox Project was born, it was important to me to figure out ways to incorporate art, and, wherever possible, alpaca-inspired art for Iolanthe’s Kids into each goodybox, in addition to the beautiful hand-spun and hand-knit hats we send (made from our alpacas’ fiber):

Below you’ll see a few examples of the gifts some of our wonderful artists who, upon hearing about Iolanthe’s Kids and being inspired by their stories, have donated:

Scott Dobek makes these beautiful, hand-carved name keychains:


Steph Laberis has donated these wonderful prints of these two hilarious alpacas:

Shannon has been working on crafting these beautiful inspirational plaques, custom designed for each superhero.

These are just a few of the artist-made gifts sent to Iolanthe’s Kids and we are very grateful to all of the artists who donate their time and considerable talent to making these amazing gifts.