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Iolanthe Alpaca Ranch

. . .where alpaca is another word for love.

anch visits will last anywhere from 3 to 4 hours and generally will start around 10:00 am, to give folks coming up from Seattle or driving over from the East side a chance to get here, but special accommodations can be made when you make your appointment, just let us know. Because Sequim is about a 1/2 hour ferry ride + a 2.5 hour drive up from Seattle, traffic depending, if possible we recommend making your visit to the ranch part of a weekend so that you have plenty of time to spend, there’s so much to see and do here, you will be glad you did!


Ranch visits include getting to meet our alpacas, we’ll be teaching them tricks (they already know how to hum, so we’ll teach them some songs you’ll know too); we’ll have lavender, herbs + flowers; and vegetables too (depending on the time of the season you visit) for you to pick; we’ll do arts & crafts and make beautiful things you get to take home with you, play games, and send you home with a gift made of alpaca fiber from the very alpacas you cuddled with on your visit.


All visits are provided free of charge. The only cost to the family will be transportation to and from Iolanthe.

melania + sunny

The ranch is open the 3d week in June (after shearing, and when the temperatures are warm enough) until the end of September. Our goal is simple: that each child learn more about these magical creatures, have a good time while they are here, and leave the ranch feeling a little bit better than when they arrived.

isabelle + faith

Iolanthe is a private ranch, open by appointment only.

If you received a gift certificate from Seattle Children’s Hospital, please give Myla a call at (206) 855-5594 to set up your visit.

If making the trip out here is too difficult, we’ll send a little bit of the ranch to your child 😉 — in the form of our goodybox.

Questions? Comments? Please get in touch.