John and Ellen Lloyd of Olga’s Yurt of Fiber, our fiber mill, for all of their fiber knowledge, and helping us get our hatmaking in process
The North Olympic Shuttle and Spindle Guild — our fabulous knitters and spinners!
Susan and Alison, our spinners/knitters coordinators
Our spinners: Adrienne, Alison, Andrea, Ann, Beth, Bridget, Chrysalis, Janice, Jennifer, Lee, Leslie, Lora, Lorraine, Lynn, MarySue, Mikie, Paul, Rainbow, Sandy, Sara, Sue K., Sue N., Susan, Terry
Our knitters: Adrienne, Alison, Andrea, Ann, Cindy, Gloria, Jan, Jane, Janet, Janice, Joyce, Judy, Kathy, Lee, Leslie, Lora, Lorraine, Lynn, Margaret, Marilyn, MarySue, Mimi, Pamela, Rainbow, Sandy, Sue N., Susan K., Chrysalis, and Terry
Our awesome shearers, Franc (and our first year, Ann)
Bruce and Joanne Eriksen for all of the shearing help (2015)


Scott Dobek of The Dusty Newt for all of the wonderful custom keychains he makes for Iolanthe’s Kids
Shannon at Wood With Heart for the beautiful art pieces she’s made (and is making) for Iolanthe’s Kids
Abigail Jane Brock of The C+A Project for the gorgeous pillowcases she makes for Iolanthe’s Kids!
Johanna Basford for the wonderful coloring books for our goodyboxes, thank you so much!
Sandra Boynton for ‘Iolanthe’ the alpaca xo
Tiffany from Bugg and Butterfly for the wonderful alpaca dolls she makes for Iolanthe’s Kids
Gloria and Mikie of the Fiber Arts Bombardiers for yarnbombing our trees
Gloria for all of the beautiful caterpillar quilts she makes for Iolanthe’s Kids xo
Steph Laberis for the wonderful alpaca art and Golden Books for the kids!
Matthew Hoffman from the You Are Beautiful project for the YAB wrapping paper and the extra YAB stickers
Sara Pulver, for all the wonderful art cards and prints for the kids
Dee from The Mosaic Gourmet for the grout, glass, and glue for our next mosaic project!
Angela Garcia Dotsenko of The Decorated Donut for the dolls she made for us out of our alpacas’ fiber
Vera Bertens of franje design for the wonderful llama masks for the kids
Haley Alcock of Glass Shack Studio for the stained glass extras we’re going to use on the wall we’re building here at the ranch
Mary Burrowes at mb art studios for the beautiful ceramic hearts for the kids
Tracy Chikos for the beautiful cards.
Helen Dardik for the beautiful chicken print for the ranch.


Our Artists (2015): Floyd Norman, Barb Uil (Jinky Art), Rachel Devine, Aileen Boardman, Ralph Nardell, Steph Laberis, Katya Horner, Tracey Chikos, Jody Miller, and Lauren Rosenbaum for donating their incredible artwork to our first auction, we raised $2,730USD!


Jason and Michelle Adams
Kristal Armendariz
Jill CP Black
Larry and Jan Boitano
Adrienne Nichelle Brown-Norman
Irene Nam
Lauren Rosenbaum and family
David and Alison Sell
Kristine Springer
Franc Winkley


Irene Nam for the boxes (and boxes) of Monkey and Minions gifts in memory of sweet Oliver. xo
My friend Rob, for the big box of Matchbox cars for the goodyboxes
Erin Donley for the all of the wonderful toys for goodyboxes, thank you so much!
Shelley + Scott, for all of the wonderful gifts for the kids + the packing tape dispenser + tape!
Jo Enoughoftherare Bishop, for all of her support. xo
Michelle for the wonderful search puzzle books, stickers, and more
Jamie for the coloring books and crayons
Nancy, Kent, and ShelbyDog of MechaKucha808 for the washi tape and stickers for the goodyboxes
Matt Woods and family for the goodybox toys: the superdog and the Star Wars viewmaster
Michelle Riverson for the slinkies, Care Bear, My Little Pony and more
Carolyn Linstead for the sloth, sticker book, and Boynton book xo
Colette at Raw Art Letterpress for the beautiful cards and prints for the kids
Nancy and Deb of Moonshadow for all of the goodybox toys
Rich and Jill Black, for the Amazon GiftCard we used for Goodybox goodies (December 2017)


David + Megan Schmidlkofer for all of their help at the ranch
Richard Koske for the girls’ hay cart
Kenny and Carolyn from Home Depot for the beautiful tree and perennials they donated to the ranch
Sheila Phillips for the muck cart and the catchpen panels
Alyssa Norberg for the hoses, muck boots, solar lights, and other ranch essentials
James at the United States of Awesome + The Weather Channel for making us this compilation video:

If I am forgetting to list you here, please let me know!

Last rev: 3/30/2018