Iolanthe’s Kids: Londyn

onight I received this lovely note from Dara, Londyn’s Momma. They received the goodybox we sent (you can take a sneak peek into the box in this post, by clicking here) and here was her reaction:

Thank you so very much for the care package for Londyn! She was so surprised and excited to receive so many little goodies! She really got a kick out of the pictures of what an Alpaca looks like hehe. I think the hat and blanket were a huge hit ( even little brother Briggs wanted the hat :-)) and she’s all snug in her bed with her new blanket. I hope you can see her joy in the picture- she’s such a ham.

Thank you again so much for your love, prayers and support!

Have a Blessed day,
Dara (Londyn’s Momma)

This is what Iolanthe is all about, right here. Thank you, Dara, and thank you Londyn, for the beautiful photos!