Iolanthe’s Kids: Beckett

his afternoon I received these wonderful photos of Beckett, our latest goodybox recipient, from his Mom, Melanie: “He absolutely loves this hat I had to take a moment and show you. It’s cold here and he needs hats so this is a blessing.”


Please show Beckett and his family some love and support on Facebook, at Prayers for Beckett.

2018: Here’s an updated photo of Beckett in his new hat (if Iolanthe’s Kids are still in battle, they are welcome to get a larger hat). Behold the cuteness!

Iolanthe’s Kids: Nathan

onight I received this gorgeous photo of Nathan, one of our latest goodybox recipients, from his Mom, Melissa: “Here is Nathan in his amazingly soft and warm hat!!!”

This is what Iolanthe is all about, right here. Thank you, Melissa, and thank you Nathan, for the beautiful photo. xo, M


Update: here’s Nathan today (1/7/2017), his Mom Melissa writes:

“Nathan was excited that HE got mail today! He loves his bracelet and thinks the post card is pretty funny. He’s going and growing strong 4 years cancer free!! Thanks for thinking of him even after all this time!”

Thank you, Nathan (and you, Melissa!) for the awesome photo! xo, M