Iolanthe’s Kids: Luke

Today I received this note from Luke’s Mom, Alyssa: “Luke loves his hat, the pictures, and the rest of the goody box! Thank you! He loves rubbing his hat, it’s so soft and is so comfortable on his head. And him and his little sister are having a blast with the bouncy balls. The hand carved key chain is awesome also! Thank you so much from Luke and the family! Thank you again the package made Luke and Macy’s day!”


These goodyboxes would not have been made possible without the help, love, and support of a lot of people — from Deb and Nancy at Moonshadow (it all starts with the alpacas); David and Franc for herd health (and shearing); to John and Ellen at the mill (who process the fiber); Susan, Alison, and all of our lovely volunteer spinners and knitters who fashion the fiber into the hats for the kids; to all of the artists and supporters who donate their art and time for lovely bits to go into the goodyboxes, such as Scott, Vera, Shelley, Mary, and Matthew to name a few; to those who contributed to our Goodybox Postage Fund; thank YOU, all of you, from the bottom of my heart, and last, but not least, our fabulous little herd: Mamacita, Summer, Faith, Patience, Mischief, Harmony, JJ, Sunny, and Love. xo, M

You can follow Luke’s journey on FB by following this link.