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Iolanthe's Kids

Iolanthe’s Kids: ZiRon

Meet ZiRon. He is 4 years old and battling DIPG. He is wearing his hat made out of our Summer and Harmony’s fiber (spun and knit by Lee). His Mom writes: “Thank you all for our Goodybox. We love everything within the box and learning something new about alpacas.” Please show your support for ZiRon on his Facebook page at #TeamZiRon, you can also help support the family on their GoFundMe page as well. We’re so glad you loved your Goodybox ZiRon!

Iolanthe’s Kids: Leah

Leah is 5 years old and battling DIPG. Today I received this gorgeous photograph and letter from her Mom:

Thank you SO much for the care package you sent to Leah!!! It was SO generous, and she especially adores the hat and nail polishes 🙂 The love and kindness of strangers is astounding to us, and we are forever
grateful for your blessing our little lady! Love, Bethany, Erik, Leah and Norah Merklin

*Leah’s hat was made out of Summer’s fiber, spun and knit by Susan.

You can follow Leah’s journey on Facebook at Support for LeahRose