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Iolanthe’s Kids: Layla

This little sweetheart named Layla loves cats, horses, zebras, Rapunzel and Belle (how cute is that?) and finds our alpacas to be adorable 😉

Special thanks to Scott for Layla’s beautiful gift, and to Michelle R. from my office for the My Little Pony Unicorn. Layla’s hat was spun and knit out of Harmony and Faith’s fiber by Susan.

Special thanks to 1M4A for sharing Layla’s story.


You can show Layla and her family your love and support on her facebook page, Love 4 Layla.

Iolanthe’s Kids: Maesen

Back in August, The Truth 365 posted this photograph of 12-year-old Maesen, who has been fighting neuroblastoma for seven years, 4 months and has relapsed twice. She is a spokeskid for children battling cancer and such an inspiration. I reached out to her Mom to see about making Maesen one of Iolanthe’s Kids.

Maesen’s hat was spun and knit by Alison out of Sunny and her sisters’ (Hope and Maylea) fiber. She was gifted with a Secret Garden Coloring Book from the artist Jo Basford, a beautiful custom-made keychain by Scott, a supersoft pink unicorn, and some Finding Dory gifts for her siblings. You can get a sneak peek of Maesen’s goodybox here.

In this gorgeous photograph, you’ll see Maesen is wearing a Talia’s Legacy tee shirt. Maesen was friends with the sparkly-eyed teenager who inspired quite literally hundreds of thousands of people via her facebook page, and millions more from her appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Talia completely stole my heart. I love Talia’s awesome answer to Ellen’s question “How do you stay so positive?” — it inspires me daily.

Iolanthe’s Kids are my superheroes. I’m working on a special project for Talia (it’s not quite finished yet), as she will always be in my heart and will forever be an honorary one of Iolanthe’s Kids (more on that to follow).

Thank you, Maesen (and Rachael) for honoring Talia and for all you do for all the kids battling cancer. You’re amazing. xo