Iolanthe’s Kids: Katie

Meet Iolanthe’s newest kid: Katie! This awesome, alpaca-loving superhero was diagnosed with metastatic Ewing’s Sarcoma last summer. During surgery to remove 2 tumors on her spine, they discovered the cancer spread to her lungs, spine, pelvis and bone marrow. Since then, Katie has endured more surgery and very aggressive chemotherapy, and inspires everyone she meets to be strong and positive every second of the day.

We’re so thrilled to find out that Katie loved her goodybox and everything in it. You can take a sneak peek inside Katie’s goodybox by following this link.

Katie’s hat was made out of Hope and Sunny‚Äôs fibers, spun by Lee J. and knit by Alison.

Iolanthe’s Kids: Annika

Meet Iolanthe’s newest kid, Annika!

This awesome 6-year-old cancer warrior was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma when she was an infant and has been battling all of her life. Thank you so much, Cheryl, for the awesome photos of your girls, and Kimberly (Zoey’s Mom) for sharing Annika’s story.

If you’d like to take a sneak peek into Annika’s goodybox, you can do that, here.

The first hat we sent to Annika was a bit too big for her, so we sent her another, made out of Sunny’s fiber, spun/knit by the ladies of NOSSG.

Behold the cuteness: