Iolanthe’s Kids: Jelly

Evangeline (also known as Jellybean, or Jelly) is 4 years old and she is fighting both DIPG and GBM. We first learned her story from our friend Jo nearly two years ago. We sent Jelly a new hat and a few goodies which you can see here.

Jelly’s Mom, Katherine, writes: “Oh myla! We got your AH-MAZING package! I was at work when it arrived, and so the treasures were thoroughly sorted out and put away in important places when I got home. I found three packs of gum in adorable little bags safely tucked into bed with Jelly!!! I guess that way she’d know if anyone tried to get to them. The hat is awesome!

Jelly is currently sporting it with her jammies. I love the tassel! And the video is waiting for family movie night tomorrow! (Also found sleeping with Jelly!). All the kids are loving the little hairy head creatures. Sophia feels like she should start a collection. The butterfly mobile is beautiful, and matches a few butterfly decorations in her room! Thanks for such extreme generosity-you brought so much joy to these kiddos of mine!”

This photo is the quintessential Jelly, behold the cuteness:

Special thanks to the ladies of NOSSG for the spinning and Marcia for the beautiful knitting (the fiber comes from Mamacita, Sunny, and Harmony). Special thanks to Jo for sharing Jellybean’s story with me.

You can follow Jellybean’s story on her facebook page: Evangeline’s Champions. ❥