Iolanthe’s Kids: Sadie K.


On February 25, 2015 Sadie was diagnosed with Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (or ALL B Cell). I first learned about Sadie via The Truth 365, while watching her first video (which you can watch, here). This awesome 9 year old explains why she believes people don’t want to talk about Childhood Cancer, and why they must.

Sadie’s hat was spun and knit out of Baby Love’s fiber, the band is made up of Patience (Baby Love’s Mom), Sunny, and Mamacita’s (Sunny’s Mom) fiber; it was spun by Janis D. and knit by Ann S.

Sadie also received an Enchanted Forest Coloring Book (donated by the artist/author, Johanna Basford); and Sadie also received an Emergency Clown Nose 😉 and a few other goodies, including a goodybag and a supersoft pink unicorn to cuddle.

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