Iolanthe’s Kids: Stephen

We learned about Stephen from Willow and her Mom when they shared the story that his high school would not let him participate in the graduation ceremony in his cap and gown because he was 2.5 credits shy. This inspiring teenager battled Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, underwent a BMT (bone marrow transplant) in his junior year, and, while battling cancer, did I mention he was Student Body President, managed to get good grades and all he wanted was to graduate with his class? Instead, his school made him sit in the bleachers.

Stephen penned this post which I feel compelled to share again so more folks are aware of situations like these and can advocate for kids if need be. This should NOT be happening to cancer warriors. Kids battling cancer need all the love and support they can get.

Stephen’s hat is made out of Mischief’s fiber, spun and knit by Alison.

Please go show Stephen and his family love and support on his facebook page, Dwyer Strong.