Iolanthe’s Kids: Kellan

Meet Kellan. This awesome 3 year old was born with a large tumor in his spine and abdomen. His diagnosis was Neuroblastoma Stage 3, Intermediate Risk with Secondary Paralysis.

His Momma wrote: “Thank you so very much for Kellan’s Goodybox! It was perfect timing as it was waiting for him when he returned from surgery. Not only was it full of awesome goodies but it was beautifully packaged, I had just as much fun as Kellan did! I posted pictures on Kellan’s page including one with the adorable hat! The alpaca pictures are now on the wall in his room, he calls them his friends. Thank you again, it totally made his day! Hugs and love from Kellan and his Momma”

What an awesome letter and photos, thank you so much Kellan and Elizabeth!
Kellan’s hat was made out of Harmony’s fiber, spun by Sandy + Ann, and knit by Terry.
Kellan is working on the Play Doh we sent him (love the concentration!)
And I love that the alpacas are his friends. HOW SWEET IS THAT?!

Learn more about Kellan’s Adventure on Facebook.