Iolanthe’s Kids: Levi

I received this lovely email from Levi’s Mom, Lori, a couple of weeks ago, requesting a goodybox for her son: “We are friends with Beth Borens, she lives in a community near us. She is a special young lady. My son Levi Grubb (15 years old) is battling Epithloid Sarcoma. He is a black belt in karate, a 10th grader, currently on homebound. He is strong in his Christian faith. He raises chickens and is involved in FFA (Future farmers of America), so he loves animals!

Today we received this fantastic photo and a note from Levi (“Thanks for my awesome box!!”) and this note from his Mom: “He can’t wait to show his teacher the hat and pictures! And he is going to get drivers permit next week — so the key chain was a big hit! THANK YOU so much! You not only brightened his day but my whole family’s! I can’t wait till our journey is complete with this awful disease and we are able to help organizations like yours.”

Please take a few moments to go learn more about Levi’s journey over on his Facebook page.

Special thank you to Scott Dobek of the Dusty Newt for the awesome custom-made keychain; Levi’s hat was made out of Summer’s fiber, spun by Lynn and knit by Susan.