Iolanthe’s Kids: AnjaLee

Meet AnjaLee. This little cutiepie is 5 years old, and she’s battling brain cancer. I’ve been emailing with AnjaLee’s Auntie Jess. AnjaLee doesn’t do pictures very often (‘she gets wicked shy and hides her face’), but she promised she would get a photo for us. I offered a couple of suggestions, one of which was to tell AnjaLee that the alpacas wanted to see a photo of her wearing her hat, and Auntie Jess wrote me back: “the sending a picture to the alpacas worked!!”

Boy did it ever! How gorgeous is this photograph?

AnjaLee’s hat was made out of Faith and Sunny’s fiber, spun by Mikie, and knit by Gloria. You can follow AnjaLee’s story on her facebook page.

Excerpted from her about page: “Anjalee was diagnosed with complex partial seizures at age two and a half. A brain MRI identified a tumor in the left frontal lobe of Anjalee’s brain. Anjalee went in for surgery shortly after the tumor was discovered, 2 months before her third birthday. Her tumor was a low grade glioma and they believed all was removed with surgery, which meant no chemo or radiation would be needed. Anjalee’s left eye remained shut from optic nerve irritation caused during surgery. It began to open 5 weeks post op. She has suffered significant vision loss and improvements are still trying to be made with patching her slight lazy eye and permanently dilated pupil.

Roughly 6 months after surgery Anjalee was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This diagnosis was unrelated to the cancer. Anjalee has continued to have breakthrough seizures, and a second medication was added to control them. Every 3 months following surgery, follow up MRI scans have been performed and have been ok but with a certain spot being watched. On April 16, 2014 another follow up brain MRI showed the tumor has started to regrow and two additional small tumors were found, but not near the original one. After a spinal MRI was performed, another tumor was found.”

Update 1/29/2018: Take a look at Anjalee now! xo