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Iolanthe’s Kids: Lily


Meet Lily LaRue. This beautiful 6 year-old was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). Her Aunt Chrissy wrote us requesting a goodybox and told me Lily loves alpacas *and* chihuahuas. This is what Lily’s folks posted on her FB page today: “Lucky Lily not only received a Joy Jar Bear from my love ADM and Jessie Rees Foundation: Never Ever Give Up (thank you so much for making Lily and Brady smile!!) but also learned about alpacas and is rocking a seriously soft and styling skullcap matching it’s owner; Sunny the Alpaca*. Thank you Iolanthe Alpaca Ranch. Lily would like to know if you have a chihuahua ranch too and the names of the chi’s in the pics. ‪#‎teamlilylarue‬” (I responded: Hi Lily! We’re so glad you like your hat and your goodybox! The chihuahuas’ names are Bear and Daisy — they’re our official ranch dogs, and we have four chickens, named Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Bananapants; Buttercup Sweetbottom; Pumpkin Butter and Tigerlily; and then 11 alpacas: Sunny, Mamacita, Patience, Faith, Summer, Baby Love, Harmony, Mischief, JJ, Hope and SkyDancer.) xo, M

See how Lily LaRue’s family is honoring her memory at The Lily LaRue Foundation on Facebook. xo, M

*Lily’s hat was made out of Sunny’s fiber, knit and spun by Sandy

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