Iolanthe’s Kids: Ally

Meet Ally. She is 5 years old, fighting Osteosarcoma. Her Mom writes for her: “Thank you so so much for the wonderful gifts!!!! My sissy and I love our packages; today I got a very cool handmade hat, pictures of animals, an awesome wood carved keychain and a bunch more stuff. I love all of it ;)”

Ally’s beautiful hat was made out of Harmony and Summer’s fiber; spun by Paula and knit by Cindy.

Follow her on Facebook at Fighting for Ally.

Iolanthe’s Kids: Akira

Akira is 3 years old, battling Retinoblastoma. Her Momma writes: “Thanks so much for sending Akira a box of JOY! She absolutely loved everything and we couldn’t be more grateful in a hard time in our life. Akira has fought very hard in her battle and to receive something so awesome is priceless.” Her hat was made out of Faith and Sunny’s fiber, spun by Mikie and knit by Gloria. You can follow Akira’s journey and progress through her battle with Retinoblastoma at Team Akira.