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Iolanthe’s Kids: Anna


I first read Anna’s story on the Rally Foundation’s website and was truly moved by what an inspirational young woman she is (take a few minutes to watch her story, courtesy the folks at CNN). I reached out to her Mom on Facebook and put the works for her goodybox in action.

More on her story below.*

Her Mom, Melissa, writes: “As I got on Facebook today, up popped my memories from years past on this day. So funny that one of them included a blog post I had written about using the talents you have to bless others, as Anna had a package to open of someone doing just that! Thank you so much Myla Kent and Iolanthe Alpaca Ranch for the goody box you sent our girl!!! Anna got the most beautiful American Ballet Theatre shirt, the softest, coziest hat knit from Harmony and Faith’s fibers (gorgeous Alpacas we got a photo of!), she got a gorgeous custom keychain she already loves to hold and feel, and then Myla included really thoughtful and perfect gifts for Anna’s siblings! The girls got beautiful postcards to color and our Little Man got a joke book. (What could possibly be more perfect?!) Talk about using your talents to bless others! Dang! You blow us away! Thank you all so very much!! Anna feels so special and loved. That is priceless and it means a lot to us. As for the video, Anna never went to the ABT summer program but it was always on her list of ones she wanted to. Olivia was taken aback for a second by Anna’s confusion! It is, however, her favorite ballet company! Also, she still has the hat and shirt on, and refuses to take them off. . . like we would ask her to! Love you Myla!”

I so love the Mott’s. They’re such an amazing family.

*The Amazing Anna has survived a pineoblastoma brain tumor. She had two resections, a shunt placement, overcame left side paralysis, endured 32 radiation treatments to the brain and spine in conjunction with 6 months of intense chemotherapy along with many other hosptializations. She completed her chemotherapy in June of 2013 and thankfully has been cancer free ever since. She goes every 3 months for MRIs. Anna is now blind as a result of the intense pressure the tumor caused on her optic nerves and has many cognitive challenges from the difficult resections. In spite of this, she is always smiling, so strong and an inspiration to all who know her! As she says in the CNN interview, she was not going to let her brain tumor take control, and she is dancing again. Anna wants to dance to inspire others to let them know they can do anything.

Pure inspiration.

Anna is a participant of Dancers v. Cancer and you can watch the video of the girls opening Anna’s goodybox on her facebook page, Anna’s Prayer Warriors.

Special thanks to Alison for spinning and knitting Anna’s out of Faith and Harmony’s fiber, and to Scott for the awesome keychain he custom designed for Anna modeled so beautifully by Anna above 😉 and to the awesome folks at the Rally Foundation for sharing Anna’s story. xo, M

Iolanthe’s Kids: Abri


Abriel is 7 years old.

This beautiful little girl was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma on September 4, 2015. Her Mom said Abri was really excited to get her goodybox (yay!) and loved the gifts inside, including a beautiful handmade pillowcase by Abby of the C+A Project, her name carved of wood in a custom keychain by Scott Dobek, a bunch of toys and goodies including a Spirograph, and her hat, made out of Mamacita and Faith’s fiber, spun by Sue K and Lee J, and knit by Lynn T. Please go show Abri and her family support on her facebook page, Team Abri. Special thanks to Carol at 1M4A for sharing Abri’s story with us.

* * *

Abri’s family posted this AMAZING video — and I just had to share it on her page here. Her Mom, Nikkole, writes: “Over the last several months my husband has been working on a video to honor our hero Abri. He wanted to show her whole life up to today. Most of you have never met our goofy, giggly, sassy little girl so we wanted you to see who she was before stupid cancer entered her life. There are parts of this video that are very hard to watch. They are the truth. They are Abri’s reality with stupid cancer. We asked her if she was ok with these images and she told us that people need to see what childhood cancer really does. She approved each and every image. We also wanted to show that even through each horrible event she still bounces back to her goofy, giggly, sassy self. Stupid cancer could not and did not break her. God held her hand through every hard moment and her faith has become stronger. Our family has become stronger. Her bond with her sisters has become stronger. This video documents Abri’s courageous battle and is to also thank everyone of you who helped in her healing. Hopefully it will also serve as inspiration for others facing similar journeys. Abri still has a long road ahead of her but we are all optimistic and prayerful that she will continue to see the rapid improvement she has shown thus far. Thank you all for loving our little girl!!!”

You can also see Abri and her Mom, Nikkole, on the news, spreading #ChildhoodCancerAwareness, by clicking on the image above (or by following this link. Notice the alpaca behind Abri in this photo ;))