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Meet Iolanthe’s Kids:

call them Iolanthe’s Kids. They are amazing. They are some of *the* most inspirational humans on the planet, and we are honored to be a small part of their journey.
These kids have been kind enough to share their stories and photos with us:

To date we have sent out goodyboxes to kids in 38/50 states and 4 countries (including Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom). Now you can search all of our kids’ stories using the tools in the sidebar, top left).

Contact information follows below. xo, M

Iolanthe’s Kids: Maddie

Meet Maddie, 13, battling Leukemia *and* Glioblastoma, as her older sister Elizabeth had done before her.

Maddie wore her hat on a recent trip to Disney World and her Mom, Melanie, said her hat kept her nice and warm.

Maddie’s hat was spun and knit out of Faith’s fiber (the band), and a blend of our other alpacas’ fiber (the top part) by the ladies of NOSSG. Special thanks to my dear friend Jo Enoughoftherare Bishop for sharing Maddie’s story with me.

You can take a sneak peek at Maddie’s goodybox here.

Please go show Maddie some love and support on her facebook page: No Fear, Just Faith