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Iolanthe’s Kids: Armani


This is Armani, the Hydro Warrior. This amazing little 1 year old has hydrocephalus,severe hypertonia, posterior fossa brain tumor, and epilepsy. Armani has had a total of 5 surgeries on his brain, 10 surgeries total to date. A medical fund was set up for his family here, where you can learn more about Armani’s condition and support the family, you can also follow his story over on Facebook.


Armani was gifted a beautiful caterpillar quilt made by Gloria, which his Mom said he won’t let anyone take away from him (how cute is that?) and that his hat fit perfectly (yay!) Armani’s hat was made out of Mamacita and Summer’s fiber, spun and knit by Alison.

Iolanthe’s Kids: Ever

Meet Ever. This sweet little boy is 4 years old, battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Ever’s Mom Jendyy writes: “Thank you so much first of all! Ever loved his goody box and especially his cars! There are some pictures in his page Team Ever! Blessings to all❤️”

Thank you Jendyy and Ever for the awesome photos! We’re so glad you loved your goodybox!
Special thanks to my friend Rob for the awesome Matchbox cars 🙂

Ever’s hat was made out of Harmony + Summer’s fiber, spun by Sue, knit by Terry.

Please show Ever some Facebook love on his page, Team Ever. xo, M