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Category: boys

Iolanthe’s Kids: Ever

Meet Ever. This sweet little boy is 4 years old, battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Ever’s Mom Jendyy writes: “Thank you so much first of all! Ever loved his goody box and especially his cars! There are some pictures in his page Team Ever! Blessings to all❤️”

Thank you Jendyy and Ever for the awesome photos! We’re so glad you loved your goodybox!
Special thanks to my friend Rob for the awesome Matchbox cars 🙂

Ever’s hat was made out of Harmony + Summer’s fiber, spun by Sue, knit by Terry.

Please show Ever some Facebook love on his page, Team Ever. xo, M

Iolanthe’s Kids: Ian


Meet Ian. He is 8 years old, battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Since October 12th, this awesome little guy has been in the hospital, enduring one painful procedure after another. Today he’s up and playing with play doh and bouncy balls and air planes and a barrel of monkeys! And clearly having fun with the stickers.

Ian’s hat was made out of Faith and our Ice Cream Blend (JJ, Summer, Love + Harmony); spun by the NOSSG ladies and knit by Alison.

Please go show Ian some FB love at his page: Warrior Ian.