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Iolanthe’s Kids: Riley

Miss Riley’s Mom Jenn wrote today to tell us Riley received her goodybox today and she’s tickled pink! (how cute is THAT?) Riley is another child we learned about through the Sunshine Snail Mail Network (you can read more about her here.) Riley is wearing a hat made out of Mischief’s fiber — spun by Susan and knit by Leslie. xo, M

Iolanthe’s Kids: Nick

This is Nick, wearing his hat made by Faith (spun by Ann and knitted by Jan). His amazing 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Maggie Hovey, wrote me this message I just had to share with you all:

THANK YOU soooo much for Nick’s package! I was overjoyed to bring it to him after school today!! The 2nd graders and I loved learning about the alpacas (the kiddos were “humming” and “clicking” all day long)! I made photocopies of the alpaca mask* and we all colored our own fur… then we shared what item we most wished we had made out of alpaca fiber. There were some great answers – everything from hair bows to shoes!!! Nick was super excited to go through his goody box! It was all a hit, but the hat brought a huge smile to his face and he hugged the photo that looked like Faith, the alpaca that shared her fiber to make his hat. Then, like the true 8 year old boy he is, he broke into the Hot Wheels cars and asked me if I wanted all the cool glitter (which I kind of did)! Words could never express the fun and surprise and kindness and generosity that you have shared with all of us! I have several students that now want to own alpacas as pets, run an alpaca ranch or just BE an alpaca when they grown up! Thank you for being WONDERFUL!

It is Maggie who is wonderful! I think the world would be a better place if we all had teachers like Maggie. Thank YOU, Maggie, for all you do for Nick, and for all you do for your students.

You are true inspiration.

*These goodyboxes are definitely a collaborative effort.

Special thanks to all of the artists who donate their talents to making these goodyboxes for the kids, including the alpaca mask by the lovely, uber-talented Vera Bertens, the artist behind franje design; the keychains from Scott of the DustyNewt, our fabulous spinners and knitters of course, and all of our volunteer artists.

xo, M