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Iolanthe’s Kids: Chrissy

Meet Chrissy. This awesome 8 year old has a very, very rare form of breast cancer only seen 1 in 1,000,000 called Secretory Breast Carcinoma (to date there are maybe only 15 cases worldwide). Chrissy is the youngest person ever seen with this type of cancer. Her case has been presented nationally (if she looks familiar, you may have seen her story on the news) and was reviewed by the top oncologists in the country. Chrissy will need long-term medical care and close monitoring since her case is considered an anomaly. Thankfully Chrissy is doing well. Her pathology tests from her lymph nodes that they took during her mastectomy came back cancer free!

Her Mom, Annette, writes: “Chrissy absolutely loves everything you sent and she is all smiles! From a mommy’s heart, thank you so much for helping her to smile!!! Many blessings to you and your family!” Chrissy’s hat was hand spun and felted by Lora out of Summer’s fiber. Special thanks to Scott Dobek for the beautiful hand-carved keychain.

This is the third time the family has faced cancer: Annette Turner was successfully treated for cervical cancer in 2000; her husband Troy, a Desert Storm veteran who works at Hill Air Force base, has struggled with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma since 2008. Please consider showing them some support on their GoFundMe page. You can follow Chrissy’s story on her Facebook page, Chrissy’s Alliance.

Iolanthe’s Kids: Ben

Meet Ben. This awesome 14 year old was recently made an honorary officer of the Aurora Police Department. His Mom, Sarah, writes on their YouCaring Page: My son, Ben, has been fighting Neuroblastoma for 11 of his 14 years. Originally diagnosed in 2004, he’s fought three relapses (2009, 2013 and 2014) and has won each round. Unfortunately, he’s considered to have “chronic disease” now and his medical team says it’s no longer a matter of “if” it comes back, but “when” it comes back. We’re forced to seek cutting edge therapies, most commonly in New York City, which requires us to travel often. Ben’s most recent therapy requires us to travel every fourth week to NYC. This therapy is painful. Unfortunately, it’s the most logical course of treatment for him. The blessing of it all is that Ben is still willing to fight as hard as he can because he still believes that he has a lot of his life left to live. I believe that, too.”

You can help his family by donating, and show them support on their Facebook page, I love the Bean.

Ben’s hat was spun and knit by Alison — and the first made out of our sweet little Hope’s baby fiber (with a band of our Ice Cream blend fiber: JJ, Summer, Love, and Harmony).