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Iolanthe’s 100th Kid: Violet


This little darling is Violet Brielle and she is Iolanthe’s 100th Kid! Woot!

Her Mom Shenay writes, “Thank you sweet Myla of Iolanthe Alpaca Ranch for the beautiful goodybox! I love it all and can’t wait to meet Mamacita and Sunny in person to thank them for their fibers that made my special hat.” (Violet and her family lived in Gig Harbor, Washington, so we’re planning a visit up to the ranch next Spring/Summer when the weather is warm).

Violet was diagnosed with Bi-Lateral Retinoblastoma, a very rare form of pediatric cancer that develops in the retinas of the eyes (Violet’s diagnosis affects approximately only 13 babies out of the 4 million born each year).

This amazing four year old not only has gone through MRI’s, surgeries, chemotherapy, and many, many procedures herself, she has started a program for kids battling cancer called Blessing Bundles (you can learn more about her and donate to her project at her website,

If Violet looks familiar, it might be because you saw her on Ellen: 😉

Violet’s hat was out of Mamacita and Sunny’s fiber; spun and knit by Susan.

You can also follow her on Facebook.

Very special thanks to my dear friend Elisa Hays for sharing Violet’s story with me.

Iolanthe’s Kids: Josh


Josh is 15 years old, battling Osteosarcoma. His Mom writes: “Dad brought it up to Josh while he was in the hospital. He loves the hat, he said it’s cool how it was made from the Alpaca. THANK YOU.” Special thanks to Christina Wascher for sharing Josh’s story with us.

Josh’s hat was made out of Mamacita and Mischief’s fiber, spun by Mikie, and knit by Joyce.

You can learn more about Josh by following his story on his Facebook page, Joshua Our Warrior.