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Iolanthe’s Kids: Ruby

Meet Ruby.

This sweetheart was diagnosed with Embrynol Rhabdomyosarcoma (soft tissue cancer) on April 17, 2015. Her Mom, Christine, writes: “Hi Myla!!! She loved everything ! That hat is so great and the pictures. Well, we fell in love ! The alpacas are so precious! And the keychain and coloring book. She loved it all! Thank you so much! What a generous and amazing gift! You’re organization is so wonderful.”

Thank you Christine, and thank you Ruby, for the sweet words and the beautiful photo! We’re all so glad you loved your goodybox! Ruby is holding a picture of Sunny, the alpaca whose fiber (along with Harmony’s) made her hat, which was spun and knit by Alison.

Special thanks to the Rally folks for sharing Ruby’s story.

Iolanthe’s Kids: Reid

Meet Reid.

Reid is 5 years old.
Absolute Superhero.

Fighting Stage IV Neuroblastoma.

His Dad James writes, “He has worn the hat since he received it. . . We are very intrigued by the alpacas and are considering getting some for our 7 acre farm. We are investigating now on how to care for them and raise babies. We have 2 acres of excellent grazing area. This will be a new adventure so we are learning as much as possible. Reid is excited about it. He says, “awww, they are so cute” lol. Thank you again for the package as the whole family enjoyed it.” HOW AWESOME IS THIS? Thank you James and Katie for the gorgeous photo of your sweet boy!

Reid’s hat is made out of Patience’s fiber, spun and knit by Alison.
Please go show Reid some Facebook love at his page: Team Reid.