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Iolanthe’s Kids: Olivia

Olivia is 15, battling Leukemia. Her Mom Katy said Olivia loves her hat and Enchanted Forest Coloring Book (how beautiful is this photo!?!!!). Olivia’s hat was spun and knit by Alison out of our Mischief’s fiber, decorated with hand-felted flowers from Marian. Special thanks to Scott Dobek for her custom made keychain.

Please come show Liv some love on her Facebook page: Liv Positive

Iolanthe’s Kids: Megan

Megan is 14 years old, battling Undifferentiated Sarcoma. She loves Batman and puzzles (special thanks to Jason + Michelle Adams for the puzzle books) and to Scott Dobek for the custom keychain. Megan’s Mom said she loves her hat (made out of Harmony’s fiber, spun by Sue, knit by Janet A.) and the photos! Please go show Megan and her family some love and support on her facebook page: Prayers for Megan.