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Iolanthe's Kids

Iolanthe’s Kids: Athena

Meet Athena. This awesome little two-year-old is battling AT/RT, and has gone through so many surgeries and treatments for one so young. We sent her a goodybox filled with all kinds of fun (her Mom said she loved everything). Athena’s hat was made out of Hope and Faith’s fiber, spun and knit by Susan.

Please go show Athena and her family some love on her facebook page: Team Athena.

Iolanthe’s Kids: Sarah

Sarah Emory was diagnosed with high risk pre-B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in May 2016. Her Mom, Carah, said that Sarah absolutely loved her package! She taped the pictures of the alpacas up in her room, and sent us this beautiful photo.

Sarah’s hat was made out of our Faith and Harmony’s fiber. You can take a peek at her goodybox by following this link.

Please go show Sarah and her family some love and support on her facebook page: Sarah’s Saving Grace.