GB Sneak Peek: Teig

This goodybox is going out to Teig, a little superhero who is NED after battling Stage 3 Parameningeal Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma. Teig and her sister Blythe love Disney princesses and her goodybox is filled with other surprises, including beautiful handmade pillowcases for the girls to cuddle with by Abby, Hello Kitty dolls (for more cuddling), a beautiful, handcrafted keychain of Teig’s name by Scott Dobek, and a bunch of other little princess goodies I’ve been collecting these past few months for them. Teig’s hat was spun by Lee and knit by Alison, out of Sunny and JJ’s fiber.

Follow Teig and her family’s journey on facebook at Teig’s Cancer Support.