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Goodybox Sneak Peeks

GB Sneak Peek: Maddie

This goodybox is for Maddie, 13, battling Leukemia *and* Glioblastoma, as her older sister Elizabeth had done before her. Here’s what Maddie will find in her goodybox: Secret Garden Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Jo Basford; Coloring books for her siblings Jacob (5) and Mary Katherine (4); a word puzzle book donated by Jason N Michelle Adams; a joke book donated by Irene Nam (accidentally underneath the hat, sorry!); a print by the insanely talented Steph Laberis; a custom keychain by the equally insanely talented Scott Dobek; a goodybag (filled with all kinds of fun stuff, including an IPR wristband, badge and then some); and lots of photos of our herd and more alpaca art. Maddie’s hat was spun and knit out of Faith’s fiber (the band), and a blend of our other alpacas’ fiber (the top part). Special thanks to Franc for donating the goodybox postage, and to Jo Enoughoftherare Bishop for the referral.

Please go show Maddie some fb love on her page: NO FEAR, JUST FAITH

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