GB Sneak Peek: Sarah

This goodybox is going out to cancer fighter Sarah, who was diagnosed with high risk pre-B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in May 2016. She suffered back-to-back, near-fatal side effects of chemo during the first phase of treatment, including pancreatitis, seizures, temporary loss of vision, and more. Sarah has used her strong will and fighting spirit to make a remarkable recovery, and is currently in remission with about 1 year left of maintenance chemo. Sarah has returned to school, is regaining strength through weekly gymnastics and learning to play violin.

Her Mom, Carah, told me she loves Grumpy Cat (special thanks to the artist, Steph Laberis, who donated the Grumpy Cat book she illustrated, along with the fantastic alpaca print), and we filled up Sarah’s goodybox with all kinds of gifts to spark her writer/artist imagination. Sarah’s hat was made out of Faith and Harmony’s fiber, spun by Lee and knit by Alison.

Please go show Sarah and her family some love on her facebook page Sarah’s Saving Grace.