GB Sneak Peek: Robert

This goodybox is going out to a young superhero named Robert the Great. This is excerpted from a post in December from his facebook page: Today is day 2,557. That’s 7 years to be exact since the day Robert was diagnosed with cancer. I can’t remember why I walk into the kitchen these days, but I can remember every moment, every word, every second of December 16, 2010. It has been 2,557 days of relentless, unforgiving treatments. I’d love to sit here and tell you all that we are done now and life is grand, but the truth is that we will never be done.

Here are the facts: In the past 2,557 days, Robert has had over 65 spinal taps. He has had around 800 doses of chemotherapy. Roughly 16 days of radiation. 3 separate leukemia protocols and 2 clinical trials. He has had cancer longer in his life than he has not and the fact is that he will never be a normal, healthy kid.

Robert is now 13 years old and as innocent as they come. Still believes in Santa and that dumb elf on the shelf, he still plans to play baseball again and he loves his family with his whole heart. I recently saw the movie “Wonder” and there was a line in there that hit me hard but it fits my family to a “t”. Basically it was this: “Robert is the sun and we all just revolve around the sun”.

Our lives are defined by cancer, we live each day according to Robert’s immunity, his side effects, his treatment plans. It’s unfair to live this way for everyone involved but there is no choice. We didn’t choose this, we didn’t cause this, we couldn’t have prevented this. As we prepare for yet another year of uncertainty I ask you to remember to love every moment with your healthy kids. Tomorrow is not promised and just please be kind.

Robert loves Lego Ninjago and hasn’t yet seen the movie, so we are surprising him with some Lego gifts and a few other goodies, along with a hat made out of our Sunny, Faith, and Mischief’s fiber, spun by Alison and knit by Susan.

Please go show Robert and his family some love on his facebook page: ROBERT THE GREAT.