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GB Sneak Peek: Levi

This hat is going out to one of Iolanthe’s Kids named Levi (who has outgrown his original hat). This is what his sister, Leah, wrote on the about page of his fb page:

“This is a page dedicated to my brother Levi’s fight against epithioloid sarcoma. Epithioloid sarcoma is a rare type of cancer. In fact, as Levi goes around saying, he was more likely to be struck by lightening than have this cancer. Even still, he is continually seeking God’s purpose in all of this. Levi simply wants to take this badness and somehow, someway glorify God through it. I am not making this page to garner pity. I am making this page because we as a family believe in a community coming together and lifting each other up in support in prayer. Above all we believe in the power of prayer. So we ask that you pray, pray, pray for Levi. Pray for healing, pray that he takes chemo well, pray for strength for the family, and above all pray that God is glorified through this trial.”

Levi’s getting a Rubik’s Cube (because all college students, in my opinion, need one) and Leah’s getting these gorgeous postcards by Jo Basford (donated by Deb and Nancy) for being so awesome.

Levi’s hat is made out of Faith’s fiber, spun and knit by Alison.

Happiness is seeing our kids beat cancer and go off to college:

See Levi’s Original Hat here.
Follow Levi on facebook here.

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