GB Sneak Peek: Leah

This goodybox is going out to a ballerina named Leah who is fighting a brain tumor — I first learned about her story from her Mom Maren’s post on The Truth 365 (excerpted below).

Leah’s goodybox is filled with a DVD featuring Misty Copeland (I have it on good authority it’s a good one); Enchanted Forest postcards and coloring pencils from Deb and Nancy; and a beautiful keychain from Scott. Leah’s hat was spun and knit out of Sunny’s fiber by Alison.

* * *

“Four months ago our 16 year old daughter was misdiagnosed with a autoimmune/inflammatory condition. After it didn’t respond to intense steroid treatments we did a 2nd biopsy and discovered that she has cancer. Leah has a brain tumor that is located near her pituitary gland, stalk and optic nerve and is going through chemo treatments at Children’s in Minneapolis right now. At the end of chemo, Leah will have several weeks of proton radiation at the Mayo. Leah is missing most of her junior year right now. It is hard for her to see everyone else having a “normal” school year and hers is far from it. However, she never complains and has an infectious positive attitude every day! Leah is a beautiful dancer and is trying very hard to continue dancing as much as possible because it brings her so much joy and “normalcy!”

Leah does not have a facebook page, but she does have a Caring Bridge site with pictures and information: