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GB Sneak Peek: Cheyenne

Cheyenne is a superhero teenager battling B Cell ALL Leukemia. She loves the show TWD, and thanks to my sweet Willow, I knew exactly what to get her (the chocolate pudding purse), and a few other TWD goodies. (One of the main actors on the show, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, raises alpacas, so while I’m not crazy about the whole zombie apocalypse thing, after seeing how loving and amazing everyone was to Willow on her trip, well, let’s just say there are some big hearts working on that show). Cheyenne’s hat is made out of Summer’s fiber, spun and knit by Alison. The handcrafted keychain is by the awesome Scott Dobek of The Dusty Newt.

Follow Cheyenne on facebook at Team Cheyenne.

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