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Goodybox Sneak Peeks

GB Sneak Peek: Anna

This goodybox is going out to the amazing ballerina Anna Mott, and it’s kind of a bit of an unusual goodybox so let me explain: Anna and her sisters, Ella and Olivia, are ballerinas. Who dance. On their toes. (let that sink in a moment). While lambswool is a traditional choice, I think alpaca fiber would make an amazing cushion for a dancer’s toes. So I’ve asked their awesome Mama, Melissa, if it would be okay if the girls gave it a go (that’s what the white fluffy thing is in the bag, top right). The seabiscuit is a little gift I’m sending to Anna because I think she’ll enjoy the sensory feeling of it in her hands. . . the ABT bag is for Anna’s essentials just for fun, and the hat is spun and knit by Susan out of pretty much all of our girls’ fiber. (That last item is our wristbands).

Learn more about Anna on her facebook page: Anna’s Prayer Warriors.

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